Eric Goettelmann

Manager & Co-Founder

Eric is a co-founder and the manger of Altruistic Asset Management and its affiliate, Altruistic Real Estate Fund.

Eric has pioneered an investment platform that provides individuals and families globally with direct access to real estate private equity investments. Through offering a unique product designed for all segments, AAM enables investors to participate in a diversified real estate portfolio which would typically only be available to the high net worth segment.

Eric began his career in Saint Louis by joining a local CPA firm.  During Eric’s tenure with Conner Ash, he mainly focused on gaining a variety of experience, with the hope of one day using that knowledge to help other companies. “I feel that the beauty of my public accounting experience is that I have been able to study many different industries and how they operate; not only how they handle their finances and internal controls, but their unique cultures and how that has impacted the employees and ultimately the bottom line”.  

In 2013, Eric and his wife opened a small boutique and wine bar in Wildwood, Milk and Honey. He started getting into financial planning and analysis out of necessity. “Simply put... we needed to have financial plans and we needed to know how to execute them. Once we had our plans in place, we quickly realized that we needed to constantly analyze which parts of our plans were working and which phases were not. Through this exercise, we are always updating the company's financial plan, then again analyzing which parts are working and which parts need retooling.” Since inception, Milk and Honey has increased revenues each year.

Eric currently works for Saint Louis-based Midas Hospitality, a national hotel management company who also develops and oversees construction of all their new properties. During his time with the company, Eric has worked on many large projects; including property acquisitions and debt restructuring.  Eric helped build and manages a strong finance department which manages multiple projects while ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting for 30 hotels. He currently manages a $120M hotel real estate fund and is responsible for developing budgets, the accuracy of financial reporting, the management of all treasury functions, and assisting in formulating the fund’s future direction. 

Eric is currently completing the Executive MBA program at the Olin Business School at Washington University in Saint Louis and completed his undergraduate studies in business at the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University.

“While working with various companies in multiple industries, I have gained a new appreciation for what makes really successful companies successful; the people. I wanted to create an organization that would allow all investors an investment vehicle similar to those that only the wealthy now have access. I wanted to give everyone the same opportunity to achieve financial success. I believe that we have set that up with Altruistic Asset Management and the Altruistic Real Estate Fund.”  

                   – Eric Goettelmann